About us

Hengaw organization for Human Rights,


As we all aware that The Islamic Republic systematically violates human rights on an extensive and systematic level in both Kurdistan and Iran.


The "Hengaw" organization for Human Rights, in accordance with the international human rights charter, strives to inform the public of all reports and relevant information about the systematic violations of human rights in Kurdistan and Iran. The term "Hengaw" in Kurdish means a step, symbolizing the organization's determined steps to extensively cover human rights violations in Iran, particularly in specialized areas such as ethnic, religious, political, sexual, and gender minorities. The organization collects information from reliable sources, registers and archives documented crimes, and contributes to the legal process in these areas, aiming to achieve human rights standards in Iranian society.


Hengaw organization for human rights, not only pursues the examination of human rights issues through the international Declaration of Human Rights but also endeavors to update human rights approaches with more modern standards to promote human rights in Iran.


Beginning its initiatives in 2016 and registered in Norway, the Hengaw organization for Human Rights website not only welcomes collaboration with other Iranian and international human rights entities but deems such collaborations essential for its engagement in this field.


Hengaw Board of Directors