Imminent Execution Looms: Kurdish Religious Prisoner, Farhad Salimi Moved to Solitary Confinement

Farhad Salimi, a Kurdish religious prisoner from Saqqez, has been moved to solitary confine

21 January 2024 21:55


Hengaw: Sunday, January 21, 2024

Farhad Salimi, a Kurdish religious prisoner from Saqqez, has been moved to solitary confinement after 14 years of incarceration, signaling the imminent execution of his capital punishment. This development follows the recent execution of Davoud Abdollahi, Ghasem Abesteh, and Ayoub Karimi, who were all co-accused in the same case as Farhad Salimi.

According to a report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights on Sunday, January 21, 2024,  Farhad Salimi, sentenced to death, has been relocated to solitary confinement in Karaj Ghezel Hesar prison, indicating preparations for his execution. Farhad Salimi has been incarcerated for 14 years without any time on leave.

The Hengaw Organization for Human Rights expresses deep concern over this action and warns against the imminent danger of Farhad Salimi's execution. These actions are in direct contradiction to international human rights obligations and the right to life convention. Hengaw calls for an immediate halt to these proceedings and a thorough review of the case in accordance with international justice criteria.

Since December 30, 2023, Farhad Salimi, along with fellow inmates Anvar Khezri, Khosrow Besharat, and Kamran Sheikhe, has been on a hunger strike in Karaj Ghezel Hesar prison. 

They are protesting against the execution of Davoud Abdollahi and the increasing possibility of their own executions.

The transportation of Farhad Salimi to solitary confinement occurred in the wake of the implementation of the death sentence of another religious prisoner, Davoud Abdollahi from Mahabad, in the same prison on January 2, 2024.

Similarly, on November 5 and 29, the death sentences of two other religious prisoners from Mahabad, identified as Ghasem Abesteh and Ayoub Karimi, were carried out in Karaj Ghezel Hesar prison.

Farhad Salimi, Anwar Khezri, Khosrow Besharat, Kamran Sheikhe, and Ayoub Karimi were all apprehended by security forces and transported to the detention center of the Urmia intelligence department on December 7, 2009.

These prisoners faced charges related to the murder case of "Abdolrahim Tina" by the 28th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, presided over by Judge Maghiseh, under accusations of "acting against national security," "propaganda against the government," "participation in Salafi groups," and "corruption on earth."

The trial session for these prisoners took place in March 2016, and the verdict was officially handed over to them on May 25, 2016.

It is noteworthy that the verdict was overturned by the 41st Iran Supreme Court, presided over by Judge Razini, at the end of 2016, and the case was referred to the 15th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court. In June 2018, the death penalty of Ghasem Abesteh and his six fellow convicts was ratified again in the same court presided over by Judge Abolghasem Salawati.

Under the pressure of the intelligence department of Urmia, the given verdict was finally approved by the 41st branch of the Supreme Court and officially declared to Mahmoud Valizadeh Tabatabie, the lawyer of these 7 Kurdish religious prisoners, on March 4, 2020. These prisoners were transferred to Karaj Ghezel Hesar prison from Gohardasht prison after the evacuation of this facility.

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