A Danish court has issued the arrest of a Kurdish refugee called Qadam Khair Haqanizade from Kermanshah, Iran

Hengaw: A Kurdish female refugee who was beaten by police and camp staff in a refugee camp in Copenhagen, has been tried and

03 April 2022 10:03


Hengaw: A Kurdish female refugee who was beaten by police and camp staff in a refugee camp in Copenhagen, has been tried and sentenced to one month in prison. 
According to Henagw's information, on Friday, April 1, 2022, Qadam Khair Haqanizadeh, 37 and from Sarpol-e-zahab, kermanshah, Iran, who was beaten and disrespected by police in front of her two 11-year-old children on Tuesday, was sentenced to one month in prison by a court in Copenhagen. She was moved to the detention center at police station of this city. 
"The judge said that Qadam Khair must be detained until the end of administrative process for the deportation case of her childeren, her husband, and herself, and they subsequently will be deported." Said Cyrus Azizizade, Ghadam Khair Haghani's husband. 
He also added "If Ghadam Khair is released, they will go to another country, so untill the end of proceedings and we will be deported to Iran, she must stay in detention."  
On Monday, April 29, Gadam Khair and her two 11-year-old twin children, Yousef and Younes, were deported to Istanbul by Danish police to be deported to Iran, so she and her children began objection while boarding a plane flying to Iran. 
Following this, the airplane crew refused to board them, and the Danish police was forced to return them to Denmark on the same day. After returning to Denmark, the mother was beaten in front of her children, and she was arrested and separated from her 1-year-old child. 
Qadam Khair's father known as "Askar Gola" and Sultan Murad Azizizadeh, Cyrus's father, were both political activists and the members of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan. "Askar Gola" was killed by the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sultan Murad was executed in Dizabad prison in Kermanshah. Also QadamKhair and her husband are both Yarsan religious minority, so their lives will be in a serious danger if they are deported to Iran. 
Danish police says that she left Iran to Turkey with a passport in 2014 and went to Denmark later, so she has no problem in Iran.
In the recent years, her refugee application was repeatedly rejected, and she was kept in a closed camp. 
While condemning the Danish government's actions by Hengaw Human Reights Organization, which is a clear violation of its international human rights obligations, demands the human rights organizations and refugee supporting organizations to pay attention to Qadam khair Haqanizade's case to support and help her.

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