Death sentence of an Arab Political Prisoner in Ahvaz implemented

The execution verdict of Hani Al-Boushehbazi, a 32-year-old Arab political prisone

30 November 2023 01:02


Hengaw; Wednesday November 29, 2023

The execution verdict of Hani Al-Boushehbazi, a 32-year-old Arab political prisoner from Falahiyeh (Shadegan), convicted four years ago on charges of insurgency, was carried out in Sepidar Prison in Ahvaz.

According to reports received by the Hengaw organization for Human Rights, in the early hours of Tuesday, November 28th, 2023, the execution verdict of Hani Al-Boushehbazi was implemented. He had previously been sentenced to death on charges of insurgency, involving the killing of two government agents. The execution took place in Sepidar Prison in Ahvaz.

Hani Al-Boushehbazi was arrested on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019, during a confrontation with government forces in the city of Falahiyeh (Shadegan). Later, he was sentenced to death by the Abadan Revolutionary Court on charges of insurgency, including the murder of Yaser Sepidro, a member of the law enforcement, and Mohammad Ali Kazemi, a member of the Basij(under cover civilian units).

Detailed information regarding the court proceedings and the examination of the charges against this Arab political prisoner is not available. According to informed sources, he was subjected to severe torture, in order to extract coerce confessions.

Saleh Motahari, the legal deputy of the police command in Khuzestan Province, to government media, confirmed the execution without disclosing the identity of the prisoner and that the execution order was carried out after approval by the Supreme Court.

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