Passing away of 20 Kurdish prisoners in Iranian prisons over the year of 2019 + List of the names

11:31 - 11 January 2020


Hengaw: 20 Kurdish prisoners have passed away in Iran's prisons over the past year which 25% of them have been killed under torture.

According to the data registered in the statistics center of Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, at least 20 Kurdish prisoners have been passed away in Iran's prisons over the year of 2019.

Four of them are among the detainees of November protests 2019 who have  been killed under torture.


Dividing by type of accusation

Political and civil activists: 4 cases

The crimes related to drugs are smuggling: 8 cases

Murder: 3 cases

Usual crimes: 4 cases

Unknown: 1 case


Cause of death

Torture: 6 cases

Lack of medical attention and delay in hospital dispatch: 9 cases

Self murder: 2 cases

Firing during detention: 1 case

Suspicious death: 1 case

Official ignorance in prison: 1 case


Dividing by province

The most of the prisoners have been passed away in prisons of west Azarbayejan specially in Urumiyeh central prison.

West Azarbayejan province: 12 cases

Kurdistan province: 5 cases

Kermanshah province: 5 cases

Ilam province: 1 cases


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