63 Individuals Arrested in March 2024 by Iranian Security Forces

03 April 2024 13:24

Hengaw, Wednesday, April 3, 2024

According to data compiled by the Statistics and Documents Center of the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, February 2024 witnessed the arrest of a total of 63 individuals by security forces across Iran. Notably, the majority of these arrests, comprising 31 individuals, were Kurds. 

Breakdown by Nationality and Gender:

    •    Kurdish citizens: 31 cases
    •    Azerbaijani-Turkish citizens: 9 cases
    •    Baloch citizens: 9 cases
    •    Women: 6 cases
    •    Children: 9 cases
These individuals were either detained or abducted by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran during March.

Geographical Distribution of Arrests:

    •    West Azerbaijan province (Urmia): 14 cases (all Kurdish citizens)
    •    Kurdistan province (Sanandaj): 13 cases
    •    Sistan and Balochestan province: 9 cases
    •    East Azerbaijan province: 9 cases
    •    Tehran province: 5 cases
    •    Khorasan Razavi province: 4 cases
    •    Ilam province: 2 cases
    •    Kermanshah province (Kermanshah): 2 cases
    •    Other provinces: 1 case each


Over 49% of those detained were Kurdish residents.

Hengaw's statistics reveal that in March, the government institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrested a minimum of 31 Kurdish individuals. This constitutes more than 49% of the total individuals apprehended throughout the country last month. In February 46% of the arrested civilians were Kurds. 

Breaking down the arrests further, 9 Turkish residents, and 14 Balochs, making up 28% of cases, were detained.


Detention of Religious Minorities

The number of arrests among followers of religious and ethnic minorities in March decreased compared to previous months. However, one Sunni Kurdish activist from Salmas, named Hassan Jangkhah, was arrested to serve his imprisonment sentence.
In addition, Laleh Saati, a newly converted Christian from Tehran, was also arrested and sentenced to two years of imprisonment.


Arrest of 6 Women Activists in March 2024

According to statistics recorded by Hengaw’s Statistics and Documentation Center, during the past month, at least 6 women activists were arrested throughout Iran by security forces, which is equivalent to 9.5% of all arrests in this month.

The identified individuals include:

    1.    Maryam Sadat Yahyavi from Tehran
    2.    Laleh Saati from Tehran
    3.    Sedigheh Vasmeghi from Tehran
    4.    Aware Heydari from Paveh
    5.    Bita Rasouli from Lahijan
    6.    Marzieh Khalili from Isfahan

Additionally, during this period, at least 9 minors under the age of 18 were arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is equivalent to over 14% of all arrest cases in March.

The arrested minors include:

    •    Karo Hamidi and Media Sheykhi, both 17 years old from Divandareh
    •    Mardin Gagashi, 15 years old from Piranshahr
    •    Daniyal Mam Ahmed, 17 years old from Marivan
    •    Mohammad Reza Karimzai, 17 years old from Mehran
    •    Ismail Barahui, 16 years old
    •    Mohammad Zardkouhi
    •    Abdullah Sediqi, 17 years old, all from Iranshahr
    •    Vahid Asgari, a 17-year-old Azerbaijani-Turkish minor from Sahand


Arrest of Teachers, Students, Media Activists, and Artists:

Based on Hengaw’s statistics, in March 20204, at least 2 students, 2 teachers and university professors, one media activist, and five artists and singers were arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The individuals arrested include:

    •    Soleyman Abdi, a teacher from Saqqez
    •    Javad Haeri, an expelled university professor from Mashhad
    •    Khabat Waysi, a student from Marivan
    •    Ehsan Faridi, a student from Tabriz
    •    Aware Heydari, a poet from Paveh
    •    Ali Noorani, a director from Tehran
    •    Bita Rasouli, Hassan Kakayi, and Mohammad Abbaszadeh, three singers from Lahijan, Bukan, and Ilam.


The identities of all these 63 cases have been recorded in the Statistics and Documents Center of the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights. The use of these statistics is permitted with proper source attribution.

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