Kaboodwand wes released from Evin Prison after 10 years

13 May 2017 13:46

Hengaw: After 10 years of imprisonment, Mohammad Sedigh Kaboudwand known as the father of Kurdistan’s human rights was released from Evin Prison on Friday.

Mohammad Sedigh Kaboudwand was arrested and detained on July first, 2007.

 The Tehran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced him to 11 years of imprisonment, 10 years in charge of “acting against the national security, founding and directing the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan and one year in charge of “propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran, communication with international organizations, connection with the former President of the United Nations Kofi Adnan and interview with different media.

 The 56 branch of Revision Court of Tehran Province approved 10 years of imprisonment in charge of founding the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan.

The Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan issued a statement Thursday and announced Kaboudwand will be released on bail.

Accoring to a statement of The Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan, he was released temporarily because the officials of Evin Prison in Tehran are claiming that Kaboudwand should return to prison to passing another six months.

According to the statement, “Despite numerous following-up, the law of summarizing the punishments has not been implemented in case of Kaboudwand .

According to article 134 of a new law of punishment, he must rest in prison only 10 years and he does not need to pass another six months.

Because of it, Kaboudwand will be released on bail until the final decision on the article will be taken.” He went on hunger strike two times, a 59-days strike in 2012 to protest the ban on his leaving and visiting his sick children and a 34-day strike in 2017 to protest the “fabrication of new accusation by security authorities against him.

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