Four prisoners secretly executed in Birjand Central Prison

The death sentences of Mohammad Naimifar (Brahui), Maziar Narouyi and Ahm

03 December 2023 18:22


Hengaw: Sunday, December 3, 2023

The death sentences of Mohammad Naimifar (Brahui), Maziar Narouyi and Ahmad Shahouzahi, three Baloch prisoners and another prisoner whose identity has not been confirmed, were secretly carried out in Birjand Central Prison.

According to the report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, at dawn on Sunday, December 3, 2023, three Baloch prisoners sentenced to death, namely Mohammad Naimifar, 44 years old, father of 5 children and a resident of Birjand, and Maziar Narouyi, 31 years old and a resident of Zahedan and Ahmad Shahouzahi, 40 years old and father of 3 children, were executed in Birjand Central Prison, South Khorasan. Also, the death sentence of another prisoner was carried out in Birjand prison, whose identity is still unknown.

According to Hal Vash, Mohammad Naimifar was arrested three years ago, Maziar Naroi, five years ago, and Ahmad Shahouzahi, four years ago, on drug-related charges and was later sentenced to death by the Iranian Judiciary.

The death sentences of these four prisoners were carried out without their family being informed and they were also deprived of the right to use the last visit.

So far, the news of the execution of Mohammad Naimifar (Brahoui), Maziar Narouyi, Ahmad Shahouzahi, and other prisoners with them has not been announced in the Iranian state media, especially the media close to the judiciary.

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