Hengaw report due to 10th December Human Rights Day

Hengaw report due to 10th December Human Rights Day

20:15 - 13 December 2019

Hengaw: 10 December named as Human Rights Day by UNESCO, in this relation Hengaw Human Rights Organization provides a statistical report about human right abuses by Islamic Republic of Iran in Kurdish region of Iran.

Based on recorded statistics in Hengaw Human Right Organization in the beginning of 2019 up to now: 46 Kurdish citizens have executed, more than 3000 Kurdish citizens have arrested, 234 Kolabars have killed and injured and 143 Kurdish citizens have condemned to prison, death and whip (whip emanates from Islamic law).

Execution of 46 Kurdish citizens:
Based on recorded statistics in the Hengaw, from the beginning of 2019 to now 46 Kurdish citizens have executed in Iranian prisons. 19 citizens are from west Azerbaijan, 7 citizens are from Ilam, 6 of them are from Kermanshah, 4 citizens are from Lorestan and 3 of them are from North Khorasan. 41 of them committed premeditated murder and 5 of that Kurdish people accused to drug trafficking.
There is 4 women and 2 Childs among executed people.

More than 3000 Kurdish citizens have arrested in 2019 to now:
Base on Hengaw more than 3000 Kurdish citizens have arrested by Iranian forces that identity of 705 individuals clarified by Hengaw Human Right Organization. Among identified individuals, 615 of them have political accusation and also relationships with Kurdish opposition of IRI, 32 of them accused to social activities, 22 persons for religious activities, 19 of them arrested due to their advocating for Worker rights, 5 individuals are Kolbars and 12 of them are from Iraqi Kurdish regional government (KRG) and Turkey’s Kurdish region.
There are 26 students (college students mostly), lawyers and teachers, 32 women and 17 Childs are among arrested people.

243 Kolbars have killed and injured:
According to Hengaw, from the begging of 2019 to now 69 Kolbars have killed and 165 of them have injured.
181 Kolbars and people that have their business in border lines have killed and injured by direct fire of IRI’s forces, 38 of them by natural phenomena like avalanche, frostbite and etc…, 11 Kolbars by land mine and 4 of them by car accidents.
Most of Kolbars which killed by Iranian forces were in West Azerbaijan (147 cases), 63 Kolbars in Sanandaj province and 24 Kolbars in the Kermanshah.

143 verdicts for Kurdish activists:
In 2019, 143 Kurdish social, political, worker and religious activists convicted by IRI’s jurisdictional system and various orders issued, such as execution, whip, long term imprisonment and financial fine.  Based on this report, in the last 11 months, 2 Kurdish citizens sentenced to death due to political beliefs and other 141 sentenced to 646 years and 4 months’ prison collectively.