In Evin Prison, Muslim Jafari Rameshti's life is threatened; a bail of $180,000 is requested for treatment permission

In Evin Prison, Muslim Jafari Rameshti's life is threatened; a bail of $180,000 is requested for treatment permission

22:37 - 3 February 2023


Hengaw: Friday, February 3, 2023

The health condition of Muslim Jafari Ramshti, the actor who won the Duhok international film festival, has been reported as very bad in the solitary cell of Evin prison. While refusing to transfer this citizen to medical centers, the prison authorities have set bail at 8 billion tomans in exchange for the issuance of a treatment permit.

According to the report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, Muslim Jafari Ramshti from Sanandaj, who is spending the fifth month of his imprisonment, is in danger in solitary confinement due to a severe infection of his kidneys and hands.

According to the report, this citizen is suffering from a severe infection in his hands and kidneys, and if treatment is delayed, his life will be in danger.

Muslim Jafari Rameshti's family has been informed about his arrest and imprisonment through his short phone call after more than three months.

On January 21, 2023, when he was admitted to the hospital because of his failing health, Mr. Rameshti had his only encounter with his family. This individual's family has provided bail to the 7th investigative branch of the Evin Prosecutor's Office in the amount of one billion tomans for this short transfer to the hospital.

Under pressure from the IRGC, the Evin prison administration is currently refusing to transfer this actor to medical facilities despite the disease's progression. This institution is essentially blocking his treatment by requiring the deposit of an 8 billion toman bond to provide permission for the family to transport this person to the hospital.

Muslim Jafari Ramshti was abducted on Sunday, September 11th, 2022, in the village of "Tarsabad" of Khoy City by the IRGC and was severely beaten.

He joined one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Islamic Republic in the Kurdistan Region when he was 18 and, six years ago, after leaving this party, he was trying to get asylum in one of the European countries. The first attempt by this artist was unsuccessful in Turkey, and he was returned to the Kurdistan region. For the second time, he was trying to reach Turkey on the Iran border when he was kidnapped by the forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

During his stay in the Kurdistan Region and the resistance against the large-scale attack of the ISIS terrorist group, he lost one of his hands due to an explosion.

Mr. Jafari Rameshti has received the best actor award for his role in the movie "Dirty Lands," which was screened at the annual Duhok International Film Festival in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Mosleh Jafari Ramshti, Muslim Jafari Ramshti's brother, has also been arrested by government forces over his brother.