Surge in Executions of Prisoners in Iranian Prisons in August 2023

Surge in Executions of Prisoners in Iranian Prisons in August 2023

12:13 - 1 September 2023


Hengaw, Friday, September 1st, 2023

Over the past month, a minimum of 74 prisoners in the Islamic Republic of Iran have faced capital punishment executions, marking a 21% increase compared to July 2023, when 61 executions were recorded.

Based on the data compiled at the centre for statistics at the Hengaw organisation for human rights, the alarming rise in executions during August 2023 Of the 74 individuals executed, the majority, accounting for 53 cases, were convicted of drug trafficking.

The breakdown by ethnicity reveals that during August, 16 Baluch, 10 Kurdish, and 8 Turkish prisoners were executed in Iranian prisons.

Notably, in the current month, the execution of three prisoners of Afghan nationality, as well as a juvenile offender named Mohammad Javad Akbari from Kouhdasht and a woman named Roqayeh Abedini from Tabriz, were also implemented.

Breakdown of Executions by Charges

It's crucial to mention that the most prevalent charges leading to executions were drug trafficking-related offences, constituting 71.5% of the total cases. Additionally, 20% of executions, which count for 15 cases, were carried out for homicide convictions.

Homicide: 15 cases
Drug trafficking: 53 cases
Rape: 5 cases
Armed Robbery: 1 case
This surge in executions raises significant concerns about Iran's human rights situation, particularly in the context of the high number of drug trafficking convictions leading to capital punishment. These developments underscore the need for international attention and advocacy for human rights in Iran.