Iranian Court Sentences Political Prisoner Mahmoud Mehrabi to Death

06 May 2024 17:41

Hengaw:Monday, May 6, 2024

Mahmoud Mehrabi, a political detainee held at Dastgerd Prison in Isfahan, has been condemned to death by the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to a report obtained by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, Mahmoud Mehrabi, a 35-year-old political detainee from Mubarakeh city, has been sentenced to death by the fifth branch of the Isfahan Revolutionary Court on the charge of "corruption on earth," with the verdict communicated to his legal representatives.

The indictment against Mahmoud Mehrabi was issued in October 2023 by the second investigative branch of the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office of Mubarakeh City in Isfahan province, citing 187 charges, including "corruption on earth."

Babak Farsani, one of Mehrabi's defense attorneys, relayed this update on his verified account, noting that while the court refrained from officially posting the verdict on the Judiciary's dedicated website, "Sana," it was verbally communicated to Mehrabi's legal team at the issuing branch.

Based on the indictment prompted by complaints from 77 plaintiffs, Mahmoud Mehrabi stands accused of "engaging in widespread dissemination of falsehoods on his Instagram page, propagating against the regime, enticing military and police forces to dereliction of duty, inciting violence and homicide, as well as insulting the founder and leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, among other charges."

In December of the preceding year, Mahmoud Mehrabi faced the initiation of a new case against him, alleging offenses such as "dissemination of criminal content through media channels" and "blasphemy against imams and sacred things."

He was apprehended by security forces in Isfahan on February 1, 2024, and released from Isfahan's Dastgerd Prison (central prison) on March 15 after posting bail. However, shortly thereafter, he was re-arrested by security forces and returned to detention.

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