At least 160 Kurdish citizens from Islamabad-e-Gharb were summoned and interrogated

Hengaw has been informed that during the last four days, at least 160 Kurdish citizens fr

17 June 2023 09:26


Hengaw: Friday, June 16, 2023

Hengaw has been informed that during the last four days, at least 160 Kurdish citizens from Islamabad-e-Ghatb, most of whom were residents of Lor village, have been summoned and interrogated by the Iranian security institutions. These pressures have been imposed on the residents of this city after two Iranian government forces were killed in Kermanshah province.

According to the report received by the Hengaw Organization For Human Rights, in the last four days, Iranian government institutions summoned and interrogated more than 160 citizens of Islamabad-e-Gharb city. This happened following the attack of the Iranian government forces on Lor village near this city, where the residential houses were shelled by these forces without a specific purpose.

Following this attack, the Iranian state media claimed that these measures were taken to arrest the killer of Sajjad Amiri, a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps(IRGC), who was targeted in Kermanshah on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

Hengaw had previously announced in a report that after the attack of the  Iranian government forces on Lor village, on the evening of Tuesday 13 June, 2023, the Iranian government forces surrounded a house in the Jihad district of Islamabad-e-Gharb and arbitrarily shelled it without any clear reason.

During this attack, one of the Revolutionary Guards forces named Mehdi Shahkarmi was killed due to the ricocheting of internal forces' bullets and another member of the Revolutionary Guards, as well as a citizen (driver of a motorbike), were injured.

These government forces shelled the target's empty house for 30 minutes, and contrary to the claims of the IRGC media, no one was in this house to be arrested.

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