The wave of repression continues in Kurdistan with the arrest of four Kurdish citizens in Kamyaran, Mahabad, and Takab by Iranian government forces

22 August 2023 14:34


Hengaw: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

With the arrest of four Kurdish citizens named Yusuf Fathizadeh, from Badreh, Afshin Saed Mocheshi, from Kamiyaran, Asghar Mahmoudi, from Takab, and Amir Seydi, from Mahabad, by Iranian government forces, the number of Kurdish citizens who have been arrested in the past 31 days reached 136.

According to the report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, on the morning of Tuesday, August 22, 2023, Asghar Mahmoudi, 33 years old and from the village of "Ahmadabad Sofla" of Takab, was arrested during the raid by the intelligence forces of the IRGC.

According to informed sources, IRGC intelligence forces entered Asghar Mahmoudi's house without presenting any arrest warrant and detained him while beating him, breaking the door and windows, and searching the house.

Hours ago, Yusuf Fathizadeh, 34 years old and from Badreh, Ilam province, was arrested during a raid on his home by Iranian Intelligence forces and taken to an unknown location.

Hengaw’s sources have reported that the Iranian intelligence forces resorted to violence and severely tortured and beat this young man in front of his elderly mother while arresting him. 

Also, on Monday, August 21, Amir Seydi, 26 years old, from Mahabad city, and Afshin Saedmochshi, a videographer, from Khamsan village, Kamiyaran, were arrested.

According to informed sources, Iranian government forces raided Amir Seydi’s cafe in Bagh Mekail in Mahabad without presenting any legal documents and arrested him.

On the other hand, after the arrest of Afshin Saedmochshi, who accompanied his mother to a hospital in Kamyaran, the Iranian government forces raided his house without presenting any legal documents and seized his personal belongings, including laptops and tablets.

There is no precise information about the charges against these four Kurdish citizens, as well as their location and condition after being arrested by Iranian government forces.

Based on the statistics registered in the Statistics and documents center of Hengaw, in the past 31 days, at least 136 Kurdish citizens have been arrested by the Iranian government institutions.

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