Landmine Explosion in Sardasht killed  a kurdish citizen

Landmine Explosion in Sardasht killed a kurdish citizen

14:05 - 17 November 2020

 Hengaw: A Kurdish citizen lost his life due to a landmine explosion while grazing his cattle  in border heights of Sardasht district of west Azerbaijan province in Iranian Kurdistan. 

 According to a report received by Hengaw Human Rights Organization, on the evening of Monday, November 16, 2020, a landmine — left over from the 8-year Iran-Iraq war exploded in border heights of the village of Parastan in Sardasht that severely injured a Kurdish shepherd.

 Hengaw’s correspondent in Sardasht stated that the identity of this citizen was Ahmad Mamandi (33-year-old) from the village of "Dashteh" in Sardasht, who died on Tuesday in one of the medical centers of Urmia due to the severity of his injuries.

 According to statistics recorded at the Statistics and Documentation Data Center of Hengaw Human Rights Organization, at least 6 citizens  have been killed by landmines in Iranian Kurdistan since the beginning of autumn.