The suicide attempt of 1400 Kurdish citizens in 2017

The suicide attempt of 1400 Kurdish citizens in 2017

15:19 - 22 August 2018

Hengaw: According to Iran's official statistics over the past year, nearly 1,400 Kurdish citizens in Iran have committed suicide, which is equivalent to 28% of total suicide attempts in Iran.

Based on the statistics released by Omid Mohaddes, Director General of the Office for the Coordination of Youth Affairs, in the year 2017, a total of 4,992 suicides were registered in Iran.

According to statistics released by this organization, 5 provinces of Ilam, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Sanandaj and Urmia have registered 1,395 suicides, equivalent to 28% of total suicide in Iran.

The province of Ilam is the smallest population of Iran with 550,000 people, but the highest rate of suicide in the province is 800 people.

After Ilam province, Kermanshah and Urmia provinces are 209 and 151 people ranked sixth and tenth. Also, Lorestan province with 135 cases and Sanandaj province with 100 cases in the 12th and 14th rankings, with the highest rate of suicide recorded.

Of the 1,395 cases in Kurdistan, 570 women and 825 men were male.

Women suicide rates in the province of Ilam were higher than men, and in the provinces of Urumei, Lorestan, Kermanshah and Sanandaj, suicide was greater than that of men.

In Ilam province, 407 women, Kermanshah, 67, Urmih 33, Sanandaj 32, and Lorestan, 31, have also committed suicide.

According to the report, poverty and unemployment were the most significant reasons for suicide.