Seven Kurdish individuals, including a minor, have been arrested to serve their imposed sentences

06 April 2024 15:22

Hengaw; Saturday, April 6, 2024

Seven Kurds, including a minor from Oshneviyeh (Shno), Hiwa Sharifi (17 years old), Shwane Babakri, Shafie Babakri, Shahin Ebrahimi, Saleh Sakhavat, Soran Bengini, and Shahram Ebrahimi, who were sentenced to imprisonment by the judicial system of the Islamic Republic of Iran in February, have been detained to execute their imprisonment sentences.

According to reports received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights on Thursday, April 4, 2024, seven Kurdish individuals from Oshneviyeh, including a 17-year-old minor named Hiwa Sharifi, as well as Shwane Babakri (39 years old) and Shafie Babakri (37 years old), who are sons of an executed political prisoner, along with Shahin Ebrahimi (28 years old), Saleh Sakhavat (37 years old), Soran Bengini (20 years old), and Shahram Ebrahimi (21 years old), were detained to execute their sentences and transferred to Oshneviyeh Central Prison to serve their terms of imprisonment.

These seven individuals were tried in February by the Oshneviyeh Revolutionary Court on charges of "collaboration with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan." According to the issued verdict, Hiwa Sharifi, a 17-year-old minor, was sentenced to three months of imprisonment; Shwane and Shafie Babakri were each sentenced to six months of imprisonment; and Saleh Sakhavat, Shahin Ebrahimi, Shahram Ebrahimi, and Soran Bengini were each sentenced to three months of disciplinary imprisonment.

Hiwa Sharifi, Shwane Babakri, Shafie Babakri, Shahin Ebrahimi, and Saleh Sakhavat were detained in Oshneviyeh by security forces in June 2023 and temporarily released on bail after one month. Soran Bengini and Shahram Ebrahimi were also arrested in early February 2023 and later released on bail.

It is worth noting that Shafie Babakri and Shwane Babakri are the sons of Rashid Babakri, known as "Rashid Mangour," who was a political prisoner executed in Urmia Central Prison in 1993 on charges of membership in the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

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