Kurdish Teacher Arrested Following Newroz Celebration in Ilam

14 April 2024 00:24

Hengaw: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Mohsen Ahmadi, a Kurdish teacher at the Ilam Department of Education and one of the organizers of the Newroz celebrations in the Karazan district of Sirvan city in Ilam province, was recently arrested by Iranian security agencies, and his current whereabouts remain unknown.

According to a report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, Mohsen Ahmadi, known for his role as a Kurdish teacher and civil activist involved in organizing the Newroz celebrations in Karazan, was apprehended by IRGC intelligence forces.

A source close to the Ahmadi family revealed that Mohsen Ahmadi was arrested without a judicial warrant and subjected to violence by Iranian government forces.

It has been four days since Mohsen Ahmadi's arrest, and detailed information regarding his fate and location has not been made available. Despite efforts by his family to inquire about his situation, they have been unable to obtain any information.

The Newroz celebration in the Karazan district took place on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, attracting over 50,000 attendees.

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