218 months imprisonment for 5 Kurdish citizens

218 months imprisonment for 5 Kurdish citizens

02:05 - 7 June 2017

 Hengaw: During the past two months, 5 Kurdish citizens have been sentenced to imprisonment by the Iranian Revolutionary Courts. According to statistics registered in the Hengaw Statistics Center, the Iranian Courts has sentenced five Kurdish citizens to totally 218 months imprisonment on charge of political and social activities during this period. The five sentenced citizens from Bokan, Miandowaw, Saghez, Urmia and Baneh. The sentences are as follows: 1 – Ismail Bokani, from Bokan in Urmia Province, 12 months imprisonment 2- Bashir Pirmawana, from Urmia, 60 months imprisonment 3- Andishmand Yazdani, from Miandowaw, 24 months imprisonment 4- Osman Ismaili, from Saghez, 2 months imprisonment 5- Hosseini Daneshmand, from Baneh, 120 months imprisonment The Iranian judiciary has sentenced Osman Ismaili on charge of syndicalist activity and four others on charge of cooperation with the Kurdish political parties.  

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