58 Kurdish citizens were arrested in January

21:52 - 3 February 2019

Hengaw: During the past month, 58 Kurdish citizens were arrested by Iranian security agencies.

On average, every day two citizens were arrested.

In January 2019, at least 58 Kurdish citizens were arrested by the Iranian government's security agencies, and the fate of a large number of them is unknown.

The statistics of the detainees, based on the type of charges
- 51 citizens: Political activity and cooperation with Kurdish opposition parties
- 4 citizens: Kolbar
- 2 citizens: Currency Exchanger
- A citizen: Civil activity

Five children, eight environmental activists, a student and two lawyers among the activists were arrested.

The statistics of the detainees according to the province of residence:
* Kurdistan Province: 30 people
* West Azarbaijan Province: 22 people
* Kermanshah province: 6 people