A young woman killed in Bokan protest, raising the death toll to 5 in this city

01:52 - 19 November 2019

Hengaw: In the wake of the protests in Kurdistan and Iran, five demonstrators including a young woman have been killed, after coming under the direct fire of Iranian regime forces in the Kurdish city of Bokan.

According to the Hengaw human rights organisation, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) killed five civilians in Bokan on Sunday, 17th November 2019, by shooting the protesters. A young Kurdish women was amongst the victims killed, she has been identified as Shelair Dadwend, from the village of Mard Abad.

Hengaw was able to find out the first names of two other demonstrators killed: Hiwa and Idris.

The protests in Bokan continued on Monday and the city is completely militarised by the regime forces