Statistical report on the human rights situation in Iranian Kurdistan during 2020

Hengaw: At the end of 2020, Hengaw publishes its statistical report on the h

31 December 2020 13:54

 Hengaw: At the end of 2020, Hengaw publishes its statistical report on the human rights situation and the growing violation of the fundamental human rights of Kurdish citizens in Iran.

 According to statistics recorded by the Statistics and Documentation Data Center of Hengaw Human Rights Organization, during 2020, at least 59 Kurdish citizens were executed and more than 500 were arrested, 153 of whom were tried and sentenced to death, imprisonment and flogging.  During this period, 238 Kolbars and local tradesmen , as well as 30 civilians were killed and injured, 40 civilians were killed and wounded  by landmine explosions  and 22 prisoners died in Iranian prisons.

 A more detailed report will be published in the coming days.

 Separative statistics : 


 According to Hengaw’s statistics, during 2020, at least 59 Kurdish citizens were executed in Iranian prisons.  During this period, death sentences of 4 prisoners were carried out on political charges and 51 cases were sentenced to death on charges  premeditated murder.

 Also a  Kurdish political prisoner was machine gunned.  The death sentence of two defendants who were sentenced to death as teenagers, as well as a woman, was carried out.

 Kolbars : 

 During 2020, at least 238 Kurdish cross border workers known as Kolbares and local trademen were killed and injured, whom 59 of them dead and 179 injured.

 Most of the Kolbars and tradesmen  were killed in the borders of West Azerbaijan province (Urmia), which their numbers was 114 . 

 Also, 197 Kolbars  and tradesmen  were killed and wounded by direct fire from the Iranian and Turkish armed forces.  During 2020, at least 5 juvenile Kolbars were also killed and injured.

 Murder of ordinary citizens: 

 According to Hengaw’s statistics, during 2020, at least 30 Kurdish citizens were killed or wounded by direct fire from the Iranian armed forces on the borders of Kurdistan, and 14 of them lost their lives.

3 citizens were killed by the Turkish armed forces.

 Mine explosion: 

 During 2020, at least 40 Kurdish citizens  were killed and wounded  on the borders of Kurdistan by landmines and explosives left over from the Iran-Iraq war.

 Of these 40 cases, 10 Kurdish citizens lost their lives and most of the victims were Kurdish farmers, tradesmen and Kolbars .


 Status of prisoners: 

 During 2020, at least 22 Kurdish prisoners died in Iranian prisons, whom 9  of them died due to the Corona virus.

3  detainees were also tortured to death by Iranian  security forces, and one citizen was shot dead after his arrest.


 Illegal and arbitrary detentions: 

 Over the past year, more than 500 Kurdish citizens have been detained by the security services of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 So far, 437 of these citizens  have been identified for Hengaw , most of whom have been arrested on charges of political activities and  collaborating with Kurdish opposition parties.

 28 women and 17 teenagers are among the detainees.  The highest number of arrests of citizens was in Kurdistan province, where 191 cases were registered.

 Issuance of verdicts : 

 During 2020, at least 153 Kurdish activists were tried by the courts of the Islamic Republic of Iran and sentenced to imprisonment, execution, or flogging.

 According to the statistics, 149 citizens were sentenced to a total of 635 years and 10 months in prison and 896 lashes, and 4 Kurdish political and religious activists were sentenced to death.

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