Hengaw’s exclusive report on the protests and casualties on October 12, across Iranian Kurdistan

13 October 2022 12:51


Hengaw: Thursday, October 13, 2022

 During yesterday’s protests October 12, 2022, which were held in more than 10 different cities across Iranian Kurdistan to a significant extent compared to the previous days, at least 4 protestors were killed by direct fire from the Iranian security forces.

 According to Hengaw, during the protests on the evening of Wednesday, October 13, 2022, two young Kurdish men named Sina Naderi, 22 years old, and Armin Sayadi, 18 years old, were killed by direct fire by the Iranian government forces in Kermanshah's "Dere Drej" neighborhood.

 Another citizen named Azizi Moradi was seriously injured by direct fire from the Iranian government forces at around 10:00 PM last night in Sanandaj’s Nayser neighborhood and died after being taken to a medical center.

Another citizen named Kamal Faqih was killed by direct fire from the Iranian government forces in West Azerbaijan’s (Urmia) Bukan District his body was taken to Qolipur Hospital in this city.  In this regard, Hengaw has been informed that his funeral was held at noon today amid strict security measures.

 Yesterday's protests, which took place in 10 cities of Ilam, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Diwandara, Saqqez, Marivan, Baneh, Mahabad, Bukan, and Urmia, were the most widespread in the past three weeks.

 It is worth mentioning that Hengaw has been informed that one IRGC member was killed in West Azerbaijan’s (Mahabad) Mahabad district and three in Kermanshah.

 In this regard, 40 Iranian security forces were seriously injured in the Dare Direj neighborhood in Kermanshah and were transferred to Abolfazl Military Hospital in this city.

  113 citizens were also injured in the protests last night as follows:
 9 citizens were injured in Ilam, 
43 in Kermanshah, 
16 in Sanandaj,
 6 in Marivan, 
11 in Saqqez, 
3 in Diwandre, 
17 in Bukan, and 8 in Mahabad.

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