Under pressure, Soheila Mohammadi, a political prisoner, ended her strike by opening her sewn lips

Suheila Mohammadi, a Kurdish political prisoner in the Central Prison of Urmia, ended her hunger

09 August 2023 09:52


Hengaw, Wedneday, August 9, 2023
Suheila Mohammadi, a Kurdish political prisoner in the Central Prison of Urmia, ended her hunger strike by opening her sewn lips under the pressure and threats of the intelligence department. In her unfavorable physical and mental condition, she went on a hunger strike on Saturday of this week to protest her condition by sewing her lips.
According to a report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, Sohaila Mohammadi, a Kurdish female political prisoner from Salmas County in West Azerbaijan province, who is imprisoned in the female ward of Urmia Central Prison, ended her hunger strike after four days by opening her sewn lips.
According to reliable sources, Soheila Mohammadi, who has been on strike since Saturday, August 5, has been under pressure and threats from the Intelligence Department and Urmia Central Prison officials for the last four days. She has announced that if her case is not handled, she "will commit suicide." It should be mentioned that she made an unsuccessful suicide attempt in March.
The source added: Suheila Mohammadi is in a concerning mental and physical condition due to the three-year separation from her son and also the pressure of government institutions during the period of interrogation and detention.
The strike action of this prisoner was carried out following the rejection of his request to grant leave and conditional release with electronic restraint by the authorities of the Islamic Republic. Despite serving three years of his five-year prison sentence, she is still denied the right to grant leave.
Soheila Mohammadi, the mother of one child, in March 2022, due to the pressure of the security institutions of the government and their obstruction to granting her leave and amnesty, committed suicide by stabbing herself in the chest.
It should be noted that Soheila Mohammadi has been deprived of the right to be granted leave for the past three years due to the constant pressure of the IRGC. In 2019, she was arrested in Salmas city by IRGC Intelligence forces, and after several months of interrogation, she was transferred to the female ward of Urmia Central Prison.
Soheila Mohammadi was later sentenced to five years in prison by the 1st branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia on the charge of being a member of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), and since then she has been kept in the female ward of Urmia Central Prison without the right to gant leave or conditional release.

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