Iranian authorities revoked the license of Educational institute in Kurdistan

The Department of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran has prohibited the continued operation of the “Ro

03 September 2023 11:46


Hengaw; Saturday, September 2nd, 2023

The Department of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran has prohibited the continued operation of the “Roznewbar Kurdistan Science” educational institute in the city of Dehgolan, revoking its legal license.

According to reports received by the Hengaw organization for Human Rights, the license of the Roznewbar Kurdistan science Institute, which had been active in the field of education and training in Qorveh and Dehgolan regions for the past six years, has been canceled by the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic, citing "promoting and recognition of the Kurdish language" as the reason.

Cyrus Abbasi and his wife, Farideh Weisi, both former political prisoners and detainees of the “Jin, Jian, Azadi” Movement, who were the founders of this institute, stated in a video message: "We consider such an action to be baseless, unlawful, and unjust."

In a part of their public statement addressing the government's response to civil initiatives aimed at mitigating the damage caused by the centralized system, it was noted that the Iranian educational system is a blend of colonialism and ideology, and over the past century, it has imposed assimilation policies through education, resulting in cultural genocide.

In addition in their statement, they highlighted the social damages stemming from the ideological education system, mentioning "emotional illiteracy" as one of them, and emphasized, "As the founders of the Kurdistan science institution, we established our institution in 1396 with the aim of defending our national and social rights and reducing existing damages."

In the conclusion of their statement addressed to the decision-makers responsible for revoking the institute's license, it was stated, "They may be able to force science Institute to shut down, but they will never be able to block the path of knowledge and learning with certainty."

The Roznewbar Kurdistan science Educational Institute began its activities in 2017, through the efforts of Cyrus Abbasi and Farideh Weisi, obtaining an official license from the Department of Education of Iran and able to successfully paved the way for numerous students to reputable universities.

Cyrus Abbasi was detained alongside his brother, Azad Abbasi, during the “Jin, Jian, Azadi” Movement and was transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison after enduring 32 days of solitary confinement. Following his release on bail, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison for "propaganda against the regime," 18 months for "disturbing public order," and 48 months for "conspiracy and plotting against national security" by the Dehgolan Criminal Court.

Previously, on the 14th of January, 2020, Cyrus Abbasi and his wife, Farideh Weisi, were detained by government forces and were temporarily released on bail later the same year. Both members of the board of directors of the Roznewbar Kurdistan science, Educational Institute were later sentenced to two years of suspended imprisonment by the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court.

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