Uncertainties Surrounding "Ekbatan Town" Case: Detainees' Unknown Legal Status

The detainees of the Women, Life, Freedom (Jin, Jiyan, Azadi) Movement involved in the case known

09 December 2023 16:39

Hengaw: Sarurdey, December 9, 2023

Die Lage von Mohammad Mahdi Hosseini, Hossein Nemati, Mehdi Imani, Navid Najaran, Milad Armon, Alireza Kafaei, Amir Mohammad Khosh Iqbal und Alireza Bermarz Pournak, die Inhaftierten der Bewegung „Frauen, Leben, Freiheit“ und die Angeklagten des als „Ekbatan“ bekannten Fall ist immer noch unentschlossen. Diese Gefangene sind unter unklaren rechtlichen Bedingungen im Qazalhasar-Gefängnis in Karaj verhaftet. Das Leben von drei dieser jungen Männer, die mit dem staatlichen Vorwurf „Kriegsführung“ verhaftet wurden, ist in ernsthafter Gefahr.

According to reports obtained by Hengaw, despite the case being referred to the Revolutionary Courts and Tehran Criminal Court in two separate sections, no judgment has been issued, leaving the legal status of the detainees unknown.

Notably, during a session held at Branch 13 of the Tehran Criminal Court on December 6, 2023, Milad Armon, Mehdi Imani, and Mohammad Mahdi Hosseini faced charges of "war against God with cold weapons," with a serious possibility of a death sentence for them. The other five individuals in this case face accusations of "participation in murder" and "collusion against national security," with their verdict still unclear.

Regarding the "security charges" attributed to the defendants, assigned to Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court under Judge Abolqasem Salavati, no verdict has been issued, contributing to further uncertainty.

In July, a social media user named "Dadban" reported an incident involving Amir Mohammad Khosh Iqbal. He attempted suicide unsuccessfully, revealing the severity of torture during his detention in the Information Protection and Intelligence Department of the Air Force.

The "Ekbatan Town" case originated during the Women, Life, Freedom movement in October 2022, following the death announcement of Basij member "Arman Alivardi" in Tehran's Ekbatan town. Initially involving 14 defendants, the case now encompasses eight individuals.

Arrests occurred between November 2, 2022, and December 15, 2022, with detainees transferred to Ghezel Hesar Penitentiary in Karaj without prior notice on August 1, 2023, alongside other prisoners. The uncertainties persist, amplifying concerns over the detainees' welfare and legal standing.

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