Tragic Suicide of Kurdish Activist Following Interrogation and Threats by Iranian Intelligence Agency in Ilam

Kamil Zandkhani, a 19-year-old Kurdish resident of Ilam and a detainee associated with the “Jin, Ji

10 February 2024 12:14


Hengaw, Saturday, February 10, 2024

Kamil Zandkhani, a 19-year-old Kurdish resident of Ilam and a detainee associated with the “Jin, Jian Azadi” movement, has taken his own life shortly after being summoned to the local intelligence office. This young activist, who had previously faced detention and survived a suicide attempt under the pressure of security forces last year, tragically ended his life.

According to reports received by the Hengaw organization for Human Rights, at 3:00 AM on Thursday, February 8th, 2024, Kamil Zandkhani threw himself from the sixth floor of his residence in Azadi neighborhood in Ilam, putting an end to his life.

A source close to Zandkhani's family revealed to Hengaw that "Kamil committed suicide following several hours of interrogation and threats by the authorities of the intelligence services."

In recent days,Kamil has been repeatedly summoned and, in the latest instance, threatened with detention if he fails to cooperate.

A source close to the family confirmed to Hengaw that only two hours after Kamil’s suicide, intelligence forces confiscated his body and mobile phone, returning the corpse to his family yesterday afternoon after obtaining a commitment from the family not to publicize the incident. Notably, his mobile phone has not been returned.

The source continued, stating, "The intelligence department had threatened Kamil on Wednesday that if he did not collaborate, he would be held responsible for the death of a government official, a member of suppressive forces in Ilam, killed during the “women, life,freedom” movement, imposing severe consequences on his family. This threat ultimately led to Kamil's suicide."

It is worth noting that Kamil Zandkhani, after he was released from his previous arrest and tortured in February 2023, attempted suicide and spent several days hospitalized.

Kamil was detained during the “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” movement on October 23, 2023, and released on bail after a few days. He was then arrested again on December 21st, 2023, and after 19 days of imprisonment, interrogation, and torture, his bludgeoned body was left in front of his parents' home.

Hengaw had previously reported that during Zandkhani's detention, he was repeatedly warned by a government official in a clerical garment that he would be executed soon, causing him significant psychological distress.

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