Iranian Authorities Detain Four Kurdish Individuals Following Release of Video Clip

Over the past few days, following the circulation of a video clip produced by Kurdish artist Ali K

18 February 2024 19:48


Hengaw: Sunday, February 18, 2024

Over the past few days, following the circulation of a video clip produced by Kurdish artist Ali Karimi in North Khorasan, at least four individuals involved in its creation have been arrested, with others summoned for questioning.

According to a report obtained by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, following the release of a Kurdish music video titled "Wilat (Homeland)" by artist Ali Karimi in North Khorasan province, at least four individuals associated with the production have been arrested. Additionally, Taghizadeh Studio in Esfarayen city, where the video was produced, has been sealed by Iranian security forces.

On Saturday, February 11, 2024, sound engineer and studio manager Hasan Taghizadeh, producer Ali Delfaraz, production manager Hossein Firouzeh, and camera operator Jalal Barat Zadeh from Bojnurd were all taken into custody after being summoned by local intelligence departments.

Reliable sources have also reported verbal threats issued by security departments to Kurdish researcher Kaleem Allah Tawahodi, poet Alireza Sepahi Lauren, and artists Roya Esmaielian and Asmar Hamidi from Quchan, Shirvan, and Samalqan, respectively.

As of now, Kurdish artist Ali Karimi has declined to attend security department summonses.

Video footage obtained by Hengaw shows that Taghizadeh Studio in Esfarayen has been sealed by security forces until further notice.

It is worth noting that the detained individuals have been temporarily released on written recognizance.

Previously, Hengaw reported summonses issued to Kurdish social activists and artists, including Ali Karimi, in the North and Razavi Khorasan provinces, with intimidation warnings against the use of Kurdish clothing and customs.

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