Kurdish Man Sentenced to Prison for Suspected Links to Iranian Kurdish Oppositions

00:10 - 22 August 2019

Hengaw — Iranian judicial authorities sentenced a young Kurdish man to seven years in prison for alleged membership in the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran.

According to the reports shared with Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, Edris Kasravi, from Piranshahr in Western Azarbaijan province, was issued the prison sentence by Branch 102 of the Criminal Court of Piranshahr.

A source said that Kasravi was charged with three different cases: Five years for membership in the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, One year for propaganda against the state, and one year for illegally crossing border.

However, the source said, Kasravi has appealed the sentence.

Hengaw has learned that he was arrested on 3rd June 2019 after summoned by the intelligence service in Piranshahr. He is now being held in the central prison of Naghadeh.