Six Kurdish citizens were arrested in the cities of Bazargan, Chaldoran and Showt

22:02 - 21 June 2019

Hengaw: During the past few days, and after a member of the Revolutionary Guards killed in Chaldoran, at least Six Kurdish citizens were detained by security forces in Bazargan, Showt and Chaldoran.

During the past few days, the Intelligence Agency arrested six citizens from the cities of Bazargan, Showt and Chaldoran, and transferred them to the Security Guards Corps in Urmia city.

The identities of these six citizens were arrested on charges of cooperating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties, as follows:
1- Behzad Khaledi from Chaldoran
2- Rasoul Khaledi from Chaldoran
3- Sajjad Rostami from Chaldoran
4- Mohammad Hosaein Sarbaz from Chaldoran
5- Mohammad Salim Bokri from Showt city
6- Ahmad Sabzi from Bazargan

The six citizens were arrested after the clash of the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) with the Revolutionary Guards at the height of the village of "Segreik" Chaldoran and the killing of a member of the Revolutionary Guards with the identity of Ibrahim Akhondzadeh.