March 2024: 91 Kurdish Kolbars Killed or Injured at the Borders of Iran

01 April 2024 18:08

Hengaw: Monday, April 1, 2024

According to data compiled by the Statistics and Documents Center of the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, in March 2024, at least 91 Kurdish Kolbars were killed or injured along the borders of Iran. Of these incidents, 66% involved direct gunfire from Iranian armed forces. The statistics reveal an increase of 34% rise compared to February.

The report indicates that 13 Kolbars and local tradesmen lost their lives, with 78 others sustaining injuries. Notably, a child Kolbar named Hastiar Andulkarimi from Divandarre city in Kurdistan province lost his life due to frostbite, and five other child Kolbars were injured by direct gunfire at the borders of Kermanshah and Kurdistan (Sanandaj) provinces.

The highest number of victims, totaling 44 cases, was documented at the borders of Kurdistan (Sanandaj) province.

The causes of death or injury are outlined as follows:

• Direct shooting: 60 cases (4 killed and 54 wounded), constituting 66% of the total incidents.
• Mountain falling: 16 cases (4 deaths and 12 wounded), accounting for 17.5% of the total cases.
• ⁠Land mines explosion: 4 cases (resulting in injuries), representing 4.5% of the total cases.
• Frostbite: 2 cases (resulting in death), representing 2% of the total cases.
• Car accidents: 3 cases (2 deaths and 1 wounded), making up 3.5% of the total cases.
• Cardiac arrest: 1 case (resulting in death), equivalent to 1% of the total cases.
• Physical assault by government forces: 4 cases (resulting in injuries), comprising 4.5% of the total cases.
• Throwing stones by government forces: 1 case (resulting in injuries), accounting for 1% of the total incidents.

Breakdown of victims by province:

• Kermanshah (Krmashan) province: 42 cases (3 killed and 39 wounded).
• Kurdistan province (Sanandaj): 44 cases (7 killed and 37 wounded).
•  West Azerbaijan (Urmia province) : 5 cases (3 killed and 2 wounded).

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