Surge in Executions: At Least 18 Prisoners Put to Death in Iranian Prisons in March 2024

02 April 2024 13:07

Hengaw: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

In March 2024, the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran witnessed the execution of at least 18 prisoners, marking an 80% increase compared to the previous month, which saw 10 executions. Hengaw speculates that the pace of executions may have slowed due to the onset of Ramadan, with the potential for a resurgence afterward.

According to data compiled by the Hengaw Human Rights Statistics and Documentation Center, at least 18 prisoners were executed in Iranian prisons during March 2024. While the identities of 17 of these prisoners have been confirmed, the identity of a woman from Jolfa executed in Tabriz Central Prison remains unverified.

Of the executed prisoners, 5 were Turks, 4 were Kurds, and 3 were Baloch. Additionally, three Afghan nationals were executed in Iranian prisons in February.

During March, a woman from Jolfa, along with her husband, was executed in Tabriz Central Prison. Furthermore, Saeed Kochak was executed in Isfahan Central Prison on charges of espionage for Israel.

East Azerbaijan province recorded the highest number of executions, with 3 cases. Other provinces with multiple executions include Ilam, West Azerbaijan (Urmia), Alborz, Fars, Isfahan, and Zanjan. 
Single executions were reported in Qazvin, Golestan, and Sistan-Balouchestan provinces.

Out of the total 18 executions, only one case, representing 5.5% of all cases, was officially announced by Iranian authorities or judiciary-affiliated websites.


Classification by charges:

In March, one prisoner was executed on charges of political activities and accused of espionage for Israel. The majority of executions were related to premeditated murder, accounting for 10 cases, equivalent to 55.5% of all cases.

Espionage for Israel: 1 case
Premeditated murder: 10 cases
Drug-related crimes: 7 cases

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