Tehran: Iranian Forces Killed a Young Man from Lorestan During Detention

Tehran: Iranian Forces Killed a Young Man from Lorestan During Detention

23:30 - 23 September 2023


Hengaw; Sunday, September 23, 2023

In a widespread assault by the Intelligence forces on two individuals from Khorramabad in Tehran, Majid Rezaei was shot and killed, while his friend, Iman Hasanvand, was severely injured. They were friends of Iman Hemati, who had been killed in Tehran earlier this year by security forces.


According to a report received by Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, on the evening of Friday, September 21, 2023, government forces carried out an armed attack on the residence of two individuals from Khorramabad in Tehran. Majid Rezaei, aged 32, was killed, and Iman Hasanvand was seriously wounded.

“Majid Rezaei was shot twice in the head and lost his life while trying to escape,” one of Mr. Rezaei’s friends told Hengaw.

According to our sources, these two young men were friends of Iman Hemati. Iranian forces killed Hemati in Tehran on Tuesday, May 22, with blows from batons and direct gunfire to the head. He was 35 years old and a resident of Khorramabad.

During the killing of Iman Hemati, Majid Rezaei, along with three others, Mashallah Moradjani, Ali Amiri, and Babak Kazemi, were also injured by direct gunfire from Iranian forces.

Iman Hasanvand’s health condition is reported to be critical due to the direct shooting by Iranian forces. Majid Rezaei’s body was handed over to his family two days ago, on September 21, 2023. His funeral will be held tomorrow.

So far, there is no credible information available regarding the reasons for the prosecution and detention of these individuals in Tehran.