Kurdish Kolbar Children’s Tragedy - Frostbite Deaths and Iranian Forces’ Fire Injuries

A 15-year-old Kolbar child named Hastyar Abdul Karim succu

25 March 2024 16:56

Hengaw: Monday, March 24, 2024

A 15-year-old Kolbar child named Hastyar Abdul Karimi succumbed to frostbite at the Saqqez border. Additionally, 16-year-old Milad Hosseini, Arwin Haqqani, and Jamil Abdi sustained injuries from direct fire by government forces.

According to a report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, on the evening of Sunday, March 24, 2024, Hastyar Abdul Karimi, a 15-year-old boy from Divandarreh, Sanandaj province, died of frostbite while transporting goods at the Mishaw border in Saqqez, Sanandaj province.

The local residents discovered the child's body and transported it to Saqqez Hospital.

Simultaneously, 16-year-old Milad Hosseini, another Kolbar child from Divandarreh, Sanandaj province, sustained serious injuries from direct fire by border regiment forces at the Marivan border. He was promptly taken to medical centers in Marivan, Sanandaj province, for treatment.

On the same day, at the Hengezhall-Baneh border, Sanandaj province, two Kolbar children, Arvin Haqqani from Saqqez and Jamil Abdi from Javanroud, Kermanshah province, were wounded by direct fire from border regiment forces

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