Joint Statement from Justice-Seeking Families of Kurdistan in Solidarity with Toomaj Salehi

01 May 2024 00:00

At least 80 justice-seeking families of Kurdistan martyrs from the Woman, Life, Freedom movement have issued a joint statement condemning the death sentence of Toomaj Salehi as unjust and contrary to the fundamental principles of human rights. This noteworthy and rare action has united families from 25 cities across Kurdistan, including Ilam, Kermanshah (Kermashan), Islamabad Gharb (Shabad), Ghasr-e Shirin, Sanandaj (Sine), Kamyaran, Sarvabad, Dehgolan (Dewlan), Ghorveh, Divandarre, Saqqez, Marivan, Bokan, Mahabad, Piranshahr, Sardasht, Oshnavieh (Shino), and Urmia. Hengaw is publishing this statement for the first time. The full text of the statement, along with a list of signing families, has been received by Hengaw as follows:


In the name of Woman, Life, Freedom 


May the pen that fails to write of the suffering endured by people break apart — Toomaj Salehi


Free Toomaj Salehi now—immediately and unconditionally!


We, a collective of justice-seeking families from Kurdistan, vehemently condemn the death sentence imposed upon Toomaj Salehi, the artist of the populace, as a vile injustice and a stark affront to the most fundamental tenets of human rights. We demand his freedom, immediate and unconditional!


Over the years, scarce an artist has echoed the collective heartbeat of society like Toomaj, who not only gives voice to his generation but lays bare the layered atrocities of oppression and injustice. He stands as 'the voice from the societal depths because the high seats are never silent' in his own words.


As members of the justice-seeking families of Kurdistan, we recognize few artists, like Toomaj, with a voice both clear and resonant, who have dared to expose the decades of systemic injustices inflicted upon Kurdistan. From championing our linguistic human rights to our mother tongues, to his outspoken opposition to the execution of Kurdish political prisoners, he has shown extraordinary sensitivity, unflinchingly empathizing with the pain of Kurdistan. These acts unmistakably demonstrate that there are still artists, insurgent voices, who place the sanctity of human life above all else.


Toomaj Salehi is a tremendous asset that the Islamic Republic, through his death sentence, seeks not only to suppress but also to serve as a dire warning to others: 'The cost of your pursuit of freedom and equality is severe. Give up. Do not show solidarity. Remain silent.'


We understand that Kurdistan will grow lonelier without the voices of Toomaj and others like him, and the broader Iranian community recognizes that without these voices, the journey towards freedom, equality, and democracy grounded in human rights becomes much more arduous. Thus, the effort to free Toomaj is not merely a campaign for one man’s liberty; it is a struggle for the well-being and prosperity of our entire society.


We, the justice-seeking families of Kurdistan, bearing an eternal scar on our hearts, call upon all families of victims who seek justice, and all the people of Iran to raise their voices, by any means necessary, against the execution sentence of Toomaj Salehi. We are also deeply concerned about the impending execution of other prisoners such as Reza Rasaei, Mojahed Kourkour, Abbas Deris, and many others who linger on death row. From political prisoners to civil rights activists, from human rights organizations to democratic advocates, from Iranian artists to artists around the globe, today we must all be the voice of Toomaj and, together, both within our borders and beyond, more fervently than ever, rally for the unconditional freedom of Toomaj Salehi and against these inhumane decrees.


Signatory Families: The families of the following victims that lost their lives during the “Jin Jian Azadi” movement have jointly signed this statement in solidarity with Toomaj Salehi.



1. Hooman Abdollahi  

2. Yahya Rahimi  

3. Shahou Bahmani  

4. Keyvan Darvishi  

5. Peyman Manbari  

6. Dariush Alizadeh  

7. Aryan Khoshgawar  

8. Sarina Saedi  

9. Zanyar Allahmoradi  

10. Mohammad Amini  

11. Mohammad Shariati  

12. Ramin Fatehi  

13. Omid Hosseini  

14. Ebrahim Mirzaei  

15. Aram Habibi  

16. Momen Zand Karimi  



17. Kobra Sheikheh 

18. Azad Hosseinpour  

19. Seyed Kamal Ahmadipour  

20. Shemal Khediripour  

21. Mehran Rahmani  

22. Mohammad Ahmadi Gagesh  

23. Shorish Niknam  

24. Shahou Khezri  

25. Zanyar Abubakri  

26. Faegh Mamqaderi  

27. Semko (Ismaeil) Moloudi  



28. Mohammad Hassanzadeh  

29. Hiwa Janjan  

30. Amjad Enayati  

31. Mohammad Hajirassoulpour  

32. Salar Majawar  

33. Suleiman Seyed Shokri  

34. Saman Ghaderbeigi  

35. Shirzad Ahmadi Nezhad  

36. Milad Marufi  

37. Hajâr Mam Khosrawi  

38. Shahriar Mohammadi  



39. Sina Naderi  

40. Farhad Khosrawi  

41. Armin Sayyadi  


Islamabad Gharb:  

42. Alireza Karimi  

43. Iman Mohammadi  


Gilan Gharb:  

44. Ardalan Ghasemi  



45. Mohsen Gheysari  


Ghasr-e Shirin:  

46. Mino Majidi  



47. Ehsan Ghasemi  



48. Rouzbeh Khademyan  

49. Alireza Fathi  



50. Sepehr Azami  


Sarpol-e Zahab:  

51. Ramin Karami  


Salas-e Babajani:  

52. Aryan Moridi  



53. Johar Fathi  

54. Jamal Azami  



55. Milan Haghighi  

56. Amin Maarafat  

57. Abdulsalam Ghader Galwan  



58. Farjad Darvishi  

59. Abdullah Mahmoudpour  

60. Danesh Rahnama  



61. Hemen Hamzeh  

62. Fareshteh Ahmadi  



63. Saman Rahimi  



64. Samad Barginia  

65. Taher Azizi  



66. Ismail Dezvar  

67. Daniyal Pabandi  

68. Fereydoun Faraji  

69. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini  

70. Fereydoun Mahmoudi  



71. Negin Abdolmaleki  



72. Habibollah Fathi  



73. Mohsen Niazi  

74. Reza Lotfi  

75. Shadman Ahmadi  



76. Nasrin Ghaderi  



77. Isa Biglari  



78. Reza Kazemi  



79. Borhan Karami  

80. Foad Mohammadi


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