Young Woman from Piranshahr Dies After Being Set on Fire by Husband

16 June 2024 21:10

Hengaw, Sunday, June 16, 2024

Leyli Paymazd, a young woman from Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan province (Urmia), who was set on fire by her husband in a garden house near this city, passed away after four days.

According to a report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, on June 16, 2024, Leyli Paymazd, 32 years old and a resident of the village of Khoranj, a suburb of Piranshahr, died at Khomeini Hospital in Urmia due to severe burns (over 90%).

On June 12, Leyli Paymazd, the mother of two daughters, was set on fire by her husband, Morad Rasulrondeh, in a garden house where they worked. He doused her with gasoline before igniting it.

The couple had been in conflict for the past months, and Paymazd had recently returned to her husband after several months of staying at her parents’ home, mediated by elders.

Reportedly, after the incident, her husband left her burned body in front of her parents’ house and fled. The victim’s body was then air-transported to medical centers in Urmia by her relatives.

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