32 Kurdish citizens were arrested in February

16:03 - 5 March 2019

Hengaw: During the past month, at least 32 Kurdish citizens were arrested by the Iranian government's security services on charges of political, ideological, labour and civic activities.

According to the report registered at the Hengaw statistics centre in February, at least 32 Kurdish citizens were arrested by Iranian security agencies.

According to the report, most of the detainees were arrested in Kurdistan Province, where 21 citizens were arrested in the Kurdistan province during in February. Also, eight people were arrested in Kermanshah province and three were arrested in West Azerbaijan province.

Separation of detainees by type of charges
* political activity and cooperation with the Kurdish opposition parties: 22 people
* Media and Telegram activity: 3 people
* Civil activities: 4 people
* Religious and labour activities: 2 people
* Unclear charges: 2 people
Among the detainees, there are 2 women, a clergyman, a teacher and an artist.