A Billion Toman Bail for Temporary Release of Political Prisoner

20:47 - 28 January 2019

Hengaw: Saqez's attorney general refused the request of a political prisoner kept in the city's Central Prison for a temporary release by asking a bail of one billion Tomans.

On 23 January, Eqbal Zarei political prisoner in Saqez's Central Prison was temporary released only for a few days after 30 months of confiement, according to the report of Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights.

"Saqez's attorney general had asked for a billion Toman bail only for a few days of temporary dismissal which we were only able to provide a half billion. This is the reason Eqbal could not use his right to have a temporary dismissal", said a source close to the prisoner's family.

Eqbal Zarei is 33 years old and married who was arrested by Iran's security forces in the summer of 2016, later he was sentenced to 5 years of confinement by Saqez's Revolutionary Court on charge of cooperating with Kurdish opposition parties of Iran.

Eqbal Zarei is from Khoshe Dare village, Saqez and has been kept in Saqez's Central Prison since 2016.