The first execution of a Kurdish citizen in the Rouhni’s second term

26 May 2017 00:37

Hengaw: only a few days after the Iranian presidential election and reelection of Hassan Rouhani, the death sentence of a Kurdish citizen was executed in Kirmashan (Kermanshah).

According to Hengaw, A Kurdish citizen Mehrdad Askari, from Homail, a city of Kirmashan was executed in Dizelabad Prison in Kirmashan Tuesday morning.

 Mehrdad, 33, had been imprisoned in Dizelabad Prison for 5 years. He had been arrested in accusation of “Drug trade” and had been sentenced to death by the Iranian Judiciar

  1. Based on the Statistics registered in the Hengaw Statistics Centers, 328 Kurdish citizens have been executed in Iranian prisons during the first term of Rouhani’s presidency.


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