Two 23-year-old Kurdish women from Diwandara and Sardasht set themselves on fire

29 June 2017 09:26
Hengaw: In the past several days, two Kurdish women from Sardasht and Diwandara have set themselves on fire. According to reports received by Hengaw, on Monday 26 June, a young Kurdish woman who had set herself on fire a week before had died in hospital in Tabriz. Hengaw reporter from Diwandara stated that this young woman named "Shadi Mansouri" from "Dergawan" a mother of a 19-month-old baby was only 23-years-old herself.   The reporter also noted that Shadi Mansouri had set herself on fire due to her ongoing problems with her husband.   On Sunday, 25 June another Kurdish woman named "Briwan Mohammadi" aged 23 from "Biwaran Sfky" from the outskirts of Sardasht also set herself on fire. Briwan is currently hospitalised in Wrimia and the doctors have said that the chances of her survival is very slim. The reason behind Briwan's action was also related to her having problems with her husband.  

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