28 Kurdish citizens arrested during April 2021 in Iranian Kurdistan

Hengaw : At least 28 Kurdish citizens have been arrested by security force

03 May 2021 11:47


Hengaw : At least 28 Kurdish citizens have been arrested  by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past month on charges of political and civil activities.

According to statistics recorded at the Statistics and Documentation Data Center of Hengaw  Human Rights Organization, during March 2021, at least 22 Kurdish citizens were arrested by the Iranian security services on charges of political, civil activities and participation in Newroz celebrations .

According to this report, 22 citizens were arrested   on charges of political activities and cooperation with Kurdish political parties, 1 citizen for participating in Newroz celebrations , and 5 citizens for civil activities.

Most of the arrested citizens were registered with 13 cases in West Azerbaijan (Urmia)province , 12 cases in  Kurdistan (Sanandaj) province  and 3 cases  in Ilam province.

Last month, 3 teenagers under the age of 16 were arrested by Iranian security forces in the cities of Urmia and Piranshahr, as well as 3 women in the cities of Piranshahr and Sanandaj.

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