So'da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner, committed suicide after being threatened by security forces

So'da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner, hanged herself in the women's ward of Urmia on Thursday,

18 August 2022 12:13


Hengaw: Thursday, August 18, 2022

So'da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner, hanged herself in the women's ward of Urmia on Thursday, August 18, 2022, two days after she was summoned by the Intelligence forces and security guards of the Central Prison of Urmia, and also administered pills to her two-month-old child.

A well-informed source in Urmia Central Prison told Hengaw: "With timely action, other prisoners pulled out the scarf from Soda's neck, and while she and her child's physical condition was very serious, they were transferred to the hospital from the prison, and their health condition is in danger.

The suicide attempt of So'da Khadirzadeh happened some hours ago, Hengaw had reported that this political prisoner was summoned, interrogated, and threatened on Tuesday, August 16, by the agents of the Urmia Central Prison's Intelligence forces and security guards. They forced her to reveal the identity of the subliminal channel of the women's ward to human rights organizations to them.

So'da Khadirzadeh, 32, from Piranshahr was arrested on Thursday, October 14, 2021, by the Piranshahr Intelligence forces and taken to the detention center of this security institution in Urmia. After 25 days and the completion of the interrogations, she was transferred to the women's ward of Urmia Central Prison, and since then, she has been kept indefinitely in the women's ward of Urmia Central Prison without access to women's medical services during pregnancy and after delivery.

The political prisoner from Piranshahr, who was transferred to the hospital on Monday, June 20, 2022, after 8 months of imprisonment in the central prison of Urmia, only a few hours before the cesarean section, was returned to the women's ward of the central prison of Urmia the same evening without completing the treatment period. She has been kept in very poor condition.

Hengaw had previously reported that in the past few days, So'da Khadirzadeh suffered from inflammation, and on Friday, July 29, 2022, she suffered severe bleeding from the cesarean section, and So'da's daughter "Alla" has suffered from unknown allergies and severe diarrhea due to the high heat and lack of air conditioning, cooling, and facilities inside the women's ward.

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