The identities of 57 students arrested in Kurdistan have been verified by Hengaw

Following the murder of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini by the Iranian government and the beginning of the protests, whic

23 October 2022 16:27

 Hengaw:  Sunday, October 23, 2022

 Following the murder of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini by the Iranian government and the beginning of the protests, which have now taken on a completely serious form and have involved all social classes, and generations. The violence applied by the Iranian security forces against the students is a great matter of concern. 

 According to Hengaw’s research, following the beginning of student protests in schools and sometimes outside the schools, the Iranian security forces have resorted to suppressing and harassing students most severely.

 In this regard, during the past few days, dozens of students have been kidnapped by Iranian security agencies in different cities, of which the Hengaw human rights organization has been able to verify the identity of 57 of them.

 Based on the statistics registered in the statistics and documents center of Hengaw Human Rights Organization, in the past 35 days, at least 16 female Kurdish students and 41 male Kurdish students have been kidnapped by the Iranian security institutions.

 It is worth mentioning that 16-year-old Nima Shafiqdoost from Selmas, West Azerbaijan (Urmia) was one of the children who was kidnapped by the security forces while he was severely injured and died after a few days in custody.

 The highest number of arrested juveniles was recorded in the cities of Javanroud, Kermanshah province, and Saqqez, Kurdistan province with 10 cases.

 Hengaw believes that more than 150 Kurdish students have been kidnapped by the Iranian security institutions, but due to the internet outage and the pressure of the security institutions on children’s families, it has not been possible to access more information in this regard.

 Kurdistan province (Sanandaj) 27 cases (6 girls and 21 boys)

 1- Parsa Zolikhapour, 16 years old, 
2- Nima Saedi, 17 years old, 
3- Matin Asadi, 18 years old, 
4- Atusa Hosseini, 18 years old, 
5- Hediyeh Mihemi, 18 years old, 
6- Rahela Jafari, 18 years old, 
7- Alan Hosseini, 16 years old, 
8- Horam Hosseini, 15 years old

 1- Arin Majidi, 17 years old 
2- Midia Rahimi, 17 years old 
3- Rebaz Rezaei, 17 years old 
4- Aria Majidpour, 18 years old 
5- Milad Mirzaei, 18 years old 
6- Kayhan Hashemi, 17 years old 
7- Arin Abdullahzadeh, 17 years old 
8- Mohammad Mohammadzadeh, 16 years old 
9- Diyar Azmode, 17 years old 
10- Zana Saberi 17 Years old 


 1- Delnia Khani, 17 years old, 
2- Soran Mubaraki, 17 years old, 
3- Saro Moradi, 17 years old


 1- 17-year-old Mahan Khodadoost


 1- Parva Hosseini, 17 years old, 
2- Shania Hosseini, 17 years old, 
3- Ashkan Ebrahimi, 17 years old, 
4- Aria Moradi, 17 years old, 
5- Mobin Moradi, 17 years old


 Kermanshah province, 15 cases (7 girls and 8 boys)

 1- Sina Naderi, 16 years old, 
2- Anas Voldebighi, 17 years old, 
3- Mahan Fathi, 17 years old, 
4- Akar Salimi, 16 years old, 
5- Aida Darvishi, 17 years old

 1- Barzan Mostafaei, 17 years old, 
2- Soran Azizi, 16 years old, 
3- Amanj Ghasemi, 16 years old, 
4- Kimia Alimoradi, 17 years old, 
5- Sandos Yagoubi, 17 years old, 
6- Hero Nouri, 17 years old,
 7- Elina Ranjber, 17 years old, 
8- Raha Sabouri, 17 years old, 
9- Sara Karmi, 17 years old, 
10- Mohammad Mohammadzadeh, 16 years old


 West Azerbaijan province (Urmia) 11 cases (11 boys)


 1- Nima Shafiqdoost, 16 years old (lost his life)

 1- Kian Abdullahpour, 16 years old, 
2- Farhad Milani, 16 years old

 1- Amin Khaleghi, 14 years old, 
2- Matin Mihankhah, 14 years old


 1- Zaniar Nasiri, 16 years old, 
2- Milad Elahi, 18 years old


1- Abdurrahman Khizrpour, 17 years old. 
2- Soran Sulaimanpour, 17 years old

 1- Mehdi Ghobadi, 15 years old, 
2- Havar Haqparest, 15 years old



 Ilam Province 4 cases (3 girls and 1 boy)

 1- Elaheh Momeni, 16 years old, 
2- Nilofar Ghazi, 17 years old, 
3- Sara Shirdel, 18 years old

 Dareh Shahr:
 1- Farzad Asadi, 18 years old

 It needs to be clarified that all kidnapped students are subject to the definition of a child and have special protection rights based on international standards of children's rights, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Basically, temporary detention is prohibited in the judicial system for children, and even in Iran's internal laws, the detention of children under 18 is accepted as a very limited and exceptional case.

 While expressing its concern, Hengaw calls for special attention to the situation of kidnapped children and the systematic unsafety created by the Iranian security forces for students both inside and outside the school.

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