The Iranian government institutions increase pressure on the plaintiffs’ families and arrests more Kurdish activists

22 August 2023 23:58


Hengaw; Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

In the span of one month leading up to the anniversary of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement, Iranian government institutions have significantly increased pressure by summoning and warning Kurdish activists and plaintiff family members, and by arresting at least 35 citizens.

Based on the statistics registered in the Statistics and Documents Center of the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, Over the span of one week, from Wednesday, August 16, 2023, to Tuesday, August 22 of the same month, Iranian government forces apprehended a minimum of 35 Kurdish citizens.

Furthermore, a significant number of citizens were summoned and subjected to threats. This group includes individuals such as the protesters who were apprehended last year, civil and environmental activists, as well as the plaintiff families.

According to the Statistics and Documentation Center of the Hengaw Organization For Human Rights, The list of names of the 35 citizens who were arrested last week is as follows:

Tuesday, August 22:

Shermin Habibi from Saqqez
Yousef Fathizadeh from Badreh
Asghar Mahmoudi from Takab
Suleyman Ahmadi from Bukan
Mobin Dahar from Oshnavieh
Majid Khademi from Behbahan
Mashallah Karami from Bijar

Monday, August 21:

Amir Sidi from Mahabad
Afshin Sadi Mucheshi from Kamyaran
Samad Shabouyi from Oshnavieh

Saturday, August 19: 

Zana Parvaneh from Marivan
Hesam Karami from Kamyaran

Friday, August 18:

Hemin Mohammadi from Mahabad was arrested in Tabriz
Moein Faqihi from Javanrud

Thursday, August 17:

Moein Sharifian from Piranshahr
Ziba Ghelichkhani from Bijar
 Nadjmadin Isazadeh
Hedy Abdul Bakht
Fermisk Babaei from Paveh

Wednesday, August 16:

Hiwa Rahneshin from Miandoab
Omar Hosseinzadeh from Piranshahr
Hossein Ghanei from Piranshahr
Sherko Nasiri from Mahabad
Ashkan Rasouli from Mahabad
Hedayat Khasteh from Mahabad
Hiwa Shebang from Mahabad
Shirwan Khezri from Oshnavieh
Ayoub Mirzaei from Oshnavieh
Amanj Khasteh from Mahabad
Hassan Daroftadeh from Piranshahr
Hajar Barzanji from Piranshahr
Mardin Daroftadeh from Piranshahr
Zhakaf Daroftadeh from Piranshahr
Medya Daroftadeh from Piranshahr
Afsaneh Daroftadeh from Piranshahr

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