Today Marks international Day Against the Death Penalty: In 2023, on Average Two Prisoners Executed in Iran daily in 2023

On the occasion of October 10th, international Day Against the Death Penalty,

10 October 2023 21:46


Hengaw; Tuesday, October 10, 2023

On the occasion of October 10th, international Day Against the Death Penalty, Hengaw organization for Human Rights, issues a warning about the increasing implementation of this inhumane punishment in Iranian prisons. In the current year, on average, two prisoners are executed daily in Iranian prisons.

According to the Data recorded at the Hengaw organization for Human Rights statistics and documentation center, from the beginning of the year 2023 up until Monday October 9th, equivalent to 281 days, 538 cases of capital punishment has been implemented in Iranian prisons, resulting in an average of two executions per day.

During this period, at least 13 women have been executed in various prisons, including Kahanouj, Isfahan (3 cases), Zahedan, Birjand, Rajai Shahr (2 cases), Mashhad (2 cases), Kerman, Hamadan, and Qom. Additionally, based on available information, three minors under the age of 18 at the time of committing the crimes have been executed. In this regard Hengaw is conducting further investigations into the matter.

Execution of 118 Baluch Prisoners, 83 Kurdish Prisoners, and 16 Afghan Nationals

In the past nine months, at least 118 Baluch prisoners have been executed in various prisons across Iran, which accounts for 22% of all prisoners under consideration during this time frame. Additionally, within the same period, 83 Kurdish prisoners (15.5% of the total) and 16 Afghan nationals, along with two British-Iranian and Swedish-Iranian dual citizens, have also faced execution.

Furthermore, six prisoners were executed in public in the cities of Fooladshahr (2 cases), Shiraz (2 cases), Maragheh, and Bandar-e Deylam. 

It's worth noting that out of the total 538 executed prisoners, the identities of 92 of them have not been confirmed, and detailed information about these prisoners not available.


Breakdown by Charges,

Approximately 58% of the prisoners executed during this period were detained on charges related to drug trafficking and subsequently sentenced to death. 34% were sentenced to death for premeditated murder, and 15 cases of political prisoners sentenced to death for political activities and participation in public protests.

Political prisoners: 15 cases
Drug trafficking : 311 cases
Homicide: 184 cases
Sexual Assault: 17 cases
Armed Robbery: 5 cases
Unknown: 5 cases
Human Trafficking: 1 case


Breakdown by provinces, 
90 Prisoners sentenced to death in Alborz Province,

According to this statistics report, the highest number of executions, with 90 cases, has been recorded in prisons in Alborz Province. Kerman prisons had 50 executions, and Sistan and Baluchestan Province with 46 executions. Additionally, during the same timeframe, 36 prisoners were executed in Fars Province, 34 in West Azerbaijan, 29 in Lorestan, 26 in Isfahan, and 21 in Markazi Province.

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