Prominent Kurdish singer Saman Yasin’s health condition deteriorated following Drug-Strike

Saman Yasin, detained Kurdish singer and songwriter from Kermanshah, has been transferred

29 October 2023 10:09


Hengaw; Saturday, October 28, 2023

Saman Yasin, detained Kurdish singer and songwriter from Kermanshah, has been transferred to the infirmary within the Qazalhasar Prison following a seizure resulting from a drug-strike. After a few hours, he was returned to the prison block. He has recently been diagnosed with a severe hematuria disorder, and his health is rapidly deteriorating.

According to reports received by the Hengaw organization Human Rights, as of Friday the 27th of October 2023, Saman Yasin initiated a drug-strike to protest the refusal of Qazalhasar Prison authorities to send him to external medical facilities, the repeated cancellation of his court hearings, and the continuous physical and psychological pressures he faced. His health condition is now unstable.

In this regard, some of the politically exiled prisoners held in Unit 4 of Ward 21 of Qazalhasar Prison issued a statement, a copy of which has reached Hengaw. They highlighted the severity of Saman Yasin's hematuria disorder and the seizures he has experienced, stating that there is no justifiable reason for his continued detention.

These political prisoners emphasized the short-term transfer of Saman Yasin to the prison infirmary and his subsequent return to the cell, noting that he is suffering from nausea, severe headaches, and blurred vision. They warned prison authorities about the consequences of neglecting Saman's legal and medical case, adding, "The current situation may end in a humanitarian tragedy."

Saman Yasin has informed the Qazalhasar Prison authorities that if his legal and medical conditions are not addressed, he will continue his drug-strike.

Previously on Monday, October 23rd, 2023, Saman Yasin's court hearing, scheduled to be held in Branch 28 of Tehran Public and Revolutionary Court presided by chief Judge Amoozadeh, was canceled for unspecified reasons. Prior to this, two other court hearings in his case on May 8th and on September 9th of 2023 had also been canceled.

This political prisoner has recently developed a hematuria disorder, enduring severe pain while urinating. Nevertheless, despite his medical referral request being unanswered, he has been denied transfer to external medical facilities.

Saman was transferred from Rajai Shahr prison to Evin prison on August 2nd and from there was relocated to Qazalhasar prison on September 3rd, 2023. 

Saman was convicted of “Moharabeh” (enmity against god) and was sentenced to death by the revolutionary court of Tehran. He sentenced was rejected by the Supreme Court and his case was sent back to appeal court to be reviewed again. 

Saman Yasin, also known as Saman Sedi, a prominent songwriter, composer, and rap singer from Kermanshah residing in Tehran, was detained on Monday, October 2, 2022, for supporting protests by security forces at his residence and was subsequently transferred to Rajai Shahr Prison.

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