Tehran Resident, Mahnaz Tarah, Sentenced to 52 Months in Prison

Mehnaz Terah, a resident of Tehran, has been handed a cumulative sentence of four years and four mo

04 January 2024 09:59


Hengaw; Thursday, January 3, 2024

Mahnaz Tarah, a resident of Tehran, has been handed a cumulative sentence of four years and four months by the judicial system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Over the past year, she has faced detention on at least three separate occasions by the security agencies of the Islamic Republic.

According to a report received by Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, Mahnaz Tarah was recently sentenced to three years and eight months in prison by Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolution Court, presided over by Iman Afshari. The charges leading to this sentence include "assembly and collusion" as well as "propaganda against the government," for which she received an additional eight months of imprisonment.

Under the application of the Consolidation of Sentences Law, the most severe penalty imposed on Mahnaz Tarah amounts to three years and eight months of penal servitude.

Mehnaz Terah's arrest took place on Monday, November 13th, 2023, with security agents employing extreme violence on one of the streets of Tehran. Subsequently, on November 24th, she was transferred from Ward 209 of Evin Prison, known as the Ministry of Intelligence's detention center, to the general ward of the same prison.

Notably, this is not the first time Mahnaz Tarah has encountered legal troubles. She was previously apprehended on Saturday, September 16 of the preceding year, only to be released after a certain period.

Furthermore, in February of the same year, security agents arrested Mahnaz Tarah once again. However, on Monday, the 13th of that month, she was released from prison following the issuance of a circular referred to as "Amnesty."

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