Detention of more than 4 thousand Kurdish citizens during the year of 2019

18:49 - 9 January 2020

Hengaw: More than four thousands Kurdish citizens have been arrested by Iranian security agencies over the past year.

According to the registered data in the statistics center of Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, more than 4 thousands Kurdish citizens have been detained by Iranian security agencies over the past year, largely because of political activities and cooperation and membership in Kurdish opposition parties of Iranian regime.

During the Kurdish people protests in connection with the Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan and Protests in November, more than 2500 Kurdish citizens have been detained which solely the identity of 330 of them have been authenticated by Hengaw.

Of the total number of detainees only identity of 784 people have been authenticated by Hengaw which 35 of them were women and 20 of them were underage teens.

Division by accusation
Political activity and cooperation with Kurdish opposition parties: 686 cases equivalent to 87.5% of the total
Civil activism: 42 cases equivalent to 5.5% of the total
Religious activity: 22 cases equivalent to 3% of the total
Labor unions activity: 20 cases equivalent to 2.5% of the total
Unknown: 14 cases equivalent to 1.5% of the total

Division by provinces
Kurdistan province: 328 cases
West Azarbayejan: 236 cases
Kermanshah: 184 cases
Ilam: 13 cases
Lorestan: 3 cases
Razawi and north khorasan: 3 cases
Mazandaran: 1 case
Kurdish citizens from Iraq and Turkey: 16 cases

Use of these statistics is only permitted by mentioning the name of the source