Detention of two cameramen in Mahabad

Detention of two cameramen in Mahabad

14:09 - 12 August 2017

Hengaw: Two Kurdish cameramen from Mahabad were summoned by the Iran intelligence agency and transferred to an unknown location.

Based on reports received by Hengaw, on Wednesday, August 9, the Iran intelligence agency in Mahabad summoned two filmmakers and transferred them to an unknown location.

Khalid Kaka Elahi, aged 33 and Nassir Kaka Elahi aged 29, are the names of the two cousins summoned by the agency Hengaw's reporter in Mahabad states.

A source tells Hengaw that two were arrested after returning from the city of Piranshar, and the reasons for their arrest, as well as their whereabouts, are still unknown.

Khalid and Nassir were arrested in 2007 and kept in separate cells in the Mahabad prison for four days.

Based on recorded records by Hengaw, in the past month alone at least 10 Kurds from Mahabad have been summoned and arrested by the intelligence agency.