The number of victims of the Corona virus in Kurdistan has reached 137

The number of victims of the Corona virus in Kurdistan has reached 137

11:34 - 19 March 2020


Hengaw: The Corona virus continues to victimize in Kurdistan and Government media only broadcast half of the death tolls in Kurdistan.

According to registered statistics at Hengaw Statistics Center, during the last 24 hours, at least 6 other citizens lost their lives in the cities of Sonqur  (1 case), Urmiyeh (2case ), Qorveh (1case), Piranshahr (1 case). Among these 2 of them in the cities of Urmiyeh and Sonqur were women.

Due to a lack of a reliable and formal network broadcasting system, HANGAW Human Rights Organization, provides the latest statistics and information from reliable sources, announcing the death toll from the outbreak of the Corona virus in Kurdistan as follows. It is worth noticing that Hangaw regularly updates the latest relevant statistics to the public.

According to Hengaw statistics over the last two weeks, at least 137 civilian deaths due to the coronavirus have been registered in Kurdistan, including 40 women and 97 men.

Breakdown based on province; Ilam Province: 14 case (3 female and 11 male) Kermanshah Province: 38 case (12 female and 26 male) Kurdistan Province (Sanandaj): 59 case (18 female and 41 male) West Azerbaijan Province (Urmiyeh): 26 case (7 female and 19 male)

These statistics were recorded by Hengaw, while the government's media only officially announced 60 victims. According to government statistics, there are 20 cases in Kurdistan province, 19 cases in West Azarbaijan province, 13 cases in Kermanshah province and 8 in Ilam province.

The cities of Saqez and Kermanshah had the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus, with 40 and 19 deaths respectively, and the rest were in the cities of Ilam (12 cases), Malekshahi (1 case), Sarpol Zahab (5 cases), Sonqur (5 cases), Sanandaj (10 cases), Marivan (2 cases), Miandoab (3 cases), Piranshahr (3 cases), Urmiyeh (9 cases), Dalahua (1 cases), Kangavar (2 cases), Ghorve (3 cases), Baneh (3 cased), Oshnaviyeh (1 case), Chaypari (1 case), Bukan (3 cases), Gilan West (6 cases), Naqadeh (1 case), Khoi (4 cases), Shahindezh (1 case), Rabat (1 case) and Bijar (1 case) are recorded.